What is Compliance Packaging?

Economy Pharmacy is now offering compliance packaging. Which means we now offer medication compliance packaging whereby a patient’s medications are blister-packed into cards organized by time-of-day and day-of-week. Our pharmacy staff organizes all the medications for your convenience.

Why waste time sorting or worrying about medication? This multi-dose packaging system makes everything simpler. Sorted and packaged by our pharmacist, each dose is personalized just for you.

And, they’re clearly labeled by date and time of day, giving you the comfort of knowing you took the right medication at the right time.

No more guesswork, and no more bottles or pillboxes.

Color-coded by time of day

Know just when to take your medicine

Detachable and portable

Take your medicine on the go

Convenient packaging

Simpler and easier than pill boxes

Filled by your pharmacist

Eliminates worry of mixing up medications